Monday, January 30, 2006

spring vacation

My test was finished last week. So now is spring vacation!!
I plan to go to Hawaii in this spring vacation. This is third time to go there. I love Hawaii.
Hawaii is comfortable to me and I can spend peacefully.

I also travel to some places in Japan, for example, Atami, Shizuoka and Kurashiki.
I like traveling, because I can see many places, meet many people and feel other culture.
To know other culture which I didn't know before is interesting. Even if it is in Japan, I can see the difference of culture. I am looking forward to feeling other culture in this travel.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

20 years old

I am just out of my teens on this month. I don't believe this fact. I am a little bit sad to become 20 years old, bacause in Japan, 20 year-old people are regardeed as adults. Therefore I have to take responsibility for everything I do. But, I'm not a grown-up mentally yet. So, I feel that I am pressured from society.
My teens was so fast. Especially, last two years since I have entered this university was fast.
Why time passes with such a deadly speed....? Maybe the rest two years in schoo days will also pass fast. But my mother always says that after graduating from a university, time passes faster than now. So I think I use time usefully, and I want to make good use of my campus life not to regret later.

Friday, November 18, 2005

character? or nationality?

I went to Roppongi yesterday as a part time job. I usually work at cafe in Shinjyuku. But, yesterday I work in Roppongi for help. This was my fisrt time to go to Roppongi in my life!!
There were many foreign people in Roppongi. And some of them came to my working cafe. It was so crowded. So I was so busy. When I was making drink, I sometimes kept my customer waiting for a long time. I was really sorry for that... Then, I realized one thing. When I gave them drink saying " I'm sorry for kept you waiting", most japanese office worker said nothing without smile. But in many foreign people case, they said "it's ok!! thank you" with smile. I was very happy. Not all people did so. But almost all people did like that, I think. Is this the difference of just character? I think this is the difference of nationality. Today it is said that japanese people work well under pressure and they are pushed for time. So I want them to have leisure and have a big heart.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


In Japan, there are a lot of tranditional events, like oshogatsu, hinamatsuri(the Doll's Festival),obon(the Bon Festival),seijinnsiki and so on. And now is the season of sitigosan(the festival day for children for children aged seven, five and three).

These days, I often look many children wearing kimono at a shrine.I remember my sitigosan, good old memory!! I liked titoseame, which is eaten for luck in sitigosan or omiyamairi(a newborn baby's visit to a Shinto shrine).

And I saw a foreign child wearing kimono.When I saw her, I was happy. Because one of japanese traditional events is inherited. That is a good thing, isn't it? I want foreigners to know many japanese traditional events.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

♪Bon Dance♪

I am watching some pictures taken in Hawaii in this summer.
I show you one of them. I took this picture when I went to Bon Dance in Hawaii. It is held every year. It is called "Bon odori" in Japan. Originally, it was born in Japan, but I could see it in Hawaii!! It is interesting, isn't it? There were many loco people and they could dance very well!! (maybe better than general Japanese)
I was surprised that many people weared yukata. I wondered why they had it. But it was fun that foreign people wear yukata.Another thing that surprised me was the length of it. It continued about four or five hours!! They kept dancing through it. They were tough. I couldn't follow them... I was tired very much.
I think that today we cannot see Bon odori festival more than before in Japan. It is sad thing, because Japanese traditional event should be come down ever, I think. So, in Hawaii Japanese traditional event, "Bon Dance" is held, which is a good thing. (Although they sometimes weared yukata wrong or some songs we never listened in Japanese Bon Dance was used...) And it is a nice thing that Japanese culture is loved by foreign people. Therefore I hope this Bon Dance is gone on forever.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I met my friend and her boy friend today. She is Korean living in Japan, and had been to Korea for studying English and Korean for two years. Then, she met her boyfriend there. He is American. He can speak Japanese, Korean and of course, English. So they talked in English, Korean and Japanese!! For example, if he cannot understand some japanese words, she explains them in Korean. That is interesting!! And I thought it is the best to improve language skill. To develop my English skill, I need to make foreign friends or a lover, and talk a lot. So she is in a very enviably situation for me.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Today, I watched a movie, "Spanish apartment". In this movie, seven students from the different contries of Europe live in the same apartment. So they have a different culture, idea and behavior.And there are many problems such as the turn of bath or cleaning, friend ship,love and so on. But, I thought the biggest problem was language. They couldn't understand all the things what they said. It is inevitable that problem like this happened. I found afresh that the difference of language is a big problem in our life. Anyway, this movie was interesting!!